Job type

Advertising account planner

£18k - £45k

Typical salary

39 – 41

Hours per week

Advertising account planners develop and plan advertising campaigns to make sure they reach the right audience.

More info

  • Work on constantly changing projects for a range of clients
  • Work with a team to deliver measurable results for your clients
  • Fast-paced, creative environment with great progression opportunities

As an advertising account planner, you'll ensure that the right tone and message are used in advertising campaigns, to target the right audience. You'll work with clients, account managers and creatives to plan and realise successful campaigns.

As part of your planning work, you'll be responsible for writing a formal brief and providing the ideal environment for creative development, referring to market data, qualitative research and product knowledge.


  • Meet clients to find out about their products or services
  • Analyse data from past market reports and campaigns
  • Decide if new market research is needed
  • Carry out market research or employ a market research agency to do it
  • Develop an advertising strategy to reach the target audience
  • Present the strategy to the client
  • Work with the project team including art directors and copywriters
  • Brief the agency's creative team about the client's product or message
  • Monitor audience response and sales figures
  • Assess the success of the campaign


You'll work with a team to plan advertising campaigns for your clients and so will need to fully understand the product or services on offer and why customers might want to buy or use them. 

You may work with several clients and brands at the same time. In smaller agencies, you could be involved in account planning as part of a wider account executive or account manager role.

You may need to travel to visit clients and you may be able to work remotely.

You'll need

There are no set requirements, but employers will look for personal qualities like creativity, quick thinking and business sense. A degree in a subject like advertising, business or management, communication and media studies, marketing, psychology or statistics may give you an advantage. Or, you could start by doing an advertising and media executive advanced apprenticeship.

Work experience and a network of contacts will also be useful. You can get this through work experience placements, internships, temping or attending industry events. You could apply for a graduate training scheme and learn on the job if you have a degree.

Some large agencies recruit graduates as trainee planners, while others recruit them as trainee advertising account executives or advertising account managers.

In smaller advertising agencies, you could start in a junior position like administrator or copywriter, and work your way up. You may be able to get into this job through an apprenticeship.


You could progress to become a senior account planner, move into management, work as a freelance planning consultant, or set up your own agency.