Job type

Public relations (PR) director

£40k - £80k

Typical salary

39 – 41

Hours per week

Public relations (PR) directors manage communications campaigns and strategy for their organisations or clients.

More info

  • Manage communications campaigns for their organisations or clients
  • You'll need leadership skills, planning and project management skills
  • You could move on to a bigger agency or become more senior in an organisation

As a public relations director, you'll be responsible for managing communications for organisations or clients.


  • Plan and deliver communications campaigns for clients
  • Raise awareness of your organisation and its aims
  • Communicate messages through online, print and broadcast media
  • Manage relationships with clients and sub-contracted agencies
  • Report to the organisation's board or owner
  • Represent the organisation at conferences, events and in the media
  • Keep up to date with media stories and trends
  • Manage budgets


You'll be based in an office, but spend much of your time attending meetings and travelling to meet clients.

You'll need

For this role, you'll need knowledge of media production and communication, customer service skills, the ability to use your initiative, knowledge of English language, thoroughness and attention to detail, persistence and determination, excellent verbal communication skills, and flexibility and openness to change.

You could do a degree or postgraduate qualification in public relations, communications or marketing before joining an agency.

You could join a public relations firm as a manager and with experience, work your way up to become a company editor.

Direct application is possible if you've got several years' experience at senior management level in PR, marketing or communications.


With experience, you could move on to a bigger agency or move up to become the chief executive or head of an organisation. You could also work as a PR consultant, advising corporate clients on communications strategy and policy.